Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"It's like I'm famous..."

Someone has been reading my blog, looking for pictures of himself. You see I read my entries to Seamus-well, the ones related to him anyway! I think it is important he know what I am saying about him, especially if it is the nice stuff-the feel good stuff. I think it is hilarious that he is actually looking it up and re-reading it for himself.

This is the "oh, I'm so embarrassed, but I love it kind of" face. Sweet isn't it-especially without the teeth.

As an aside-Seamus is quite proud of an Egyptian Checker board/pieces that he made-I must point out however that I have NO idea what the difference is with regular checkers and Egyptian, but his says Egyptian, so we are going with that.

Seamus attends an amazing local school and is so so well supported, I cannot even begin to describe it... a post for another day! As a part of this extra support, this year he participated in a small group all about Egypt. You see Seamus LOVES Egypt-the mummies, the pyramids, the alphabet/writing. The Student Support Teacher knew he loved it, so developed a whole small group centered on something he loved. To Seamus, this didn't feel like being centered out, didn't feel like extra help, didn't feel like not fitting in-this group was like bonus time and he felt so good in it...what did I tell you, amazing right? Two days ago, he was able to bring the game home and needless to say, we have played it each night-once or twice!!!

That's one happy kid!!! and guess what I am about to do at 9:48pm-play Egyptian Checkers!!!!


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