Thursday, May 27, 2010

Love links....

This has been such a busy time...good busy actually, with a visit from our favorite Auntie Bean (not her real name, but the only name we use!), lots of swimming in the neighbors pool, lots of Mike's Hard Lemonade consumed, gardens planted, slight sunburns for all, and many many BBQs.

Despite the crazy heat-I should say I DO NOT DO WELL IN THE HEAT-this really is such a great time of year. The kids are tanned already- They naturally go very dark in the summer...might have something to do with the lack of sunscreen applied in this house, but that's a post for another day!!! The flowers are blooming, which is so so beautiful. The windows are open, the breeze is in and everyone just seems more relaxed.

Of course, I don't want to paint a fairy tale picture that warm air heals all, because amidst the beauty we have had more than one rough moment (referring back to mama does not do well in the heat). Mahone keeps leaving the house without us knowing (funny how he can already climb the fence and before we know he is actually gone, he is playing on the neighbors swings-AHH!!-again, so thankful we really KNOW our neighbors) and we have a 7 year old that is often refusing to go outside because this year he is SOOOO afraid of bees/wasps!!! I would welcome any suggestions when helping him with that as I am beginning to fear this could be a long summer.

With the busyness of course, I have not been posting here. Who knew this blogging thing took so much thought and time. To ease myself back, thought I would just post some online wanderings that I have been doing lately....

If you are married, please please read this

I am so wanting to read this book

I am redoing my bedroom-It has been our room, Seamus' room, then Seamus and Mahone's, then we moved back in with Mahone, then Mahone left and Seamus moved in (you can imagine the state of the walls with all the changes from actual pictures and art to posters and chaulkboards). Anyway, we are feeling ready to make it our space-at least ours for the most part, until we ALL go to sleep in there. But despite their sleep presence, I can still make it my little refuge of sorts. This bedroom is of my dreams. Not sure I can make it a reality, but did just purchase a iron frame for $5.00 at a flea market, that I think I can make look very similiar.

Every flea market I go to ( I go to a variety of them EVERY weekend), I am looking for these

I feel these emotions daily I think. I find comfort that if SHE feels it, then there is hope for me!!


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  1. loved your wandering on the net!