Monday, April 19, 2010

At day's end.....

Seamus has a habit of playing best at the end of the day. It seems as though once Mahone is settled, most of the evening chores are completed and bedtime is fast approaching, Seamus' imagination takes flight. In those moments, I find it hard to force bedtime... I hate to interrupt all that is happening around me-in his mind.... so tonight is another of those nights, when bedtime is looking more like 9:30, then 8:00 and rather than going to bed with all tidied, the living room in the morning will show a leftover:

Wooden Block Stanley Cup Hockey Game (Who knew!!!)


A close wrestling match-with the defender of the                 title winning again-thank goodness!!!                   

Tonight, I have the obvious to be grateful for:

16. My husband showing me how to put pictures on this blog-all for you mom!!
17. Finding the perfect purple flower to give to my Admin. Assistant today for all of her hard work helping me with just about everything these last two weeks-she loves purple!!
18. Grandpa playing with Mahone outside tonight after supper-allowing us just a few moments to actually have an un-interrupted conversation
19. A neighbor who could hem my husband's pants (he leaves tomorrow for a business trip and needed them-by the way-I couldn't sow if my life depended on it-so tonight-she really is a blessing!)
20.. A game of War all set up-just waiting for me says Seamus-looks like bedtime is getting later....


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