Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gratitude Monday-On Tuesday (Yes, it is that kind of week already...)

This truly is one of my busiest seasons-at home, at work, hockey for Seamus....Every year around this time, the to-do list expands, and with it, my emotions overwhelm. I have sleepless nights-at a time when I need all the rest I can get; I have cranky periods, at a time when I need all the relationship support I can get, and I don't take the time to eat good food at a time when I need all the energy healthy food can offer.....

That is why this discipline of keeping a list on Mondays-even if it is Tuesday-of things I am grateful for is SO important. It gives me perspective and reminds me of everything I have....

11. Fresh banana bread for breakfast

12. Feeling at least somewhat accomplished today at work

13. A teenager (and we know how fun they can be at times!!) thanking me for making a decision I made that while she does not like it, knows it keeps her safe and she is thankful I had the guts to make it-her words, not mine!!! AMAZING

14. Seeing the art drawn on the window when I pulled in the driveway at the end of the day-wow, Seamus can really draw hockey people!!

15. A husband who came home smiling.....


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