Monday, March 8, 2010

My First Hockey Fight.....

Seamus loves hockey-I mean REALLY loves hockey. He watches the games intensely, angry if anyone around him talks. He attends our local OHL (Ontario Hockey League) games and wears his jersey, waves the flag, hoots and hollers-you get the picture.

Seamus also plays hockey and I may be a bit biased, but I like the way he plays. Every time he is on the ice, he gives it 110%. He skates hard, plays smart and well....sometimes takes a penalty or two. On Sunday, when the ref motioned for him to go, he talking back, no gestures, no hitting his stick once inside-just doing what he was told...taking his consequence like his should (As an aside, oh, how I wish he accepted his consequences at home like that, but that's a different story.)

After the game, I was standing on the side, waiting for him to come out, as I always do. The first person he sees after his games I want to be me-to say great job! good work out there! While waiting, I notice 4 parents from the other team standing around the man in charge of the league. They are speaking loudly, saying things like "that kid gotta go," "one day he is really going to hurt someone," "his parents really need to deal with him," "does he not know what he is doing." Immediately my MAMA BEAR starts to growl and I know who they are talking about. That is my guy, the little one who says he feels sad for the other team when we win, the little one who shows up and gives it his all for every practice, every game.....Well, I think you know where this is going to go. I won't get into all the perhaps not so nice comments that were exchanged. Just picture me with a red face, a little sweaty and somewhat fierce-like any good MAMA BEAR.

People said it was best to leave it alone, but to me, my kid needs to know that no matter the cost, someone is always in his corner, someone will always be on his side-and that someone is MOM....


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