Monday, March 8, 2010

Gratitude Monday

Perhaps the most inspirational, "feast for the eyes", and yet oh so powerfully convicting blogs I have discovered is Each Monday, there is a focus on recognizing all that is around us to be grateful for...

1. A two year old who declares "I am done screaming today Mommy!"
2. A husband who clears the table, cleans the dishes and bathes children-all with a smile
3. Sun on my face all day-there really is nothing better
4. Arriving on time this morning for work-a rare occurrence, I assure you
5. Looking for fuzzy pajamas (with feet of course) in a basket full of clean laundry-folded by mother-in-law

Sadly I must confess how hard it was for me to think of things to be grateful for today.

Father God, change my heart....


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